Does a Product Manager at a High Growth Technology Startup Need To Be Technical?

Mike Belsito of Product Collective researches whether high-growth technology startups value technical backgrounds when hiring Product Managers.

Do product managers at high-growth early stage technology companies need to have a technical background -- or does it just not matter?

Click here to see the surprising results:


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Veterans, lawmakers team up to treat PTSD with dogs

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Finding Passion and Purpose after the Military

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Military veterans suffering with PTSD get back on course with golf

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Veteran Entrepreneurs you should know in 2017

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Military Kids Get To Experience Deployment

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Horses Help Heal Veterans' Invisible Wounds

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California homeless veterans move into apartment built from recycled shipping containers

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Reinventing Entrepreneurship: Focus on Making a Difference and You'll Make Plenty of Money

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How the Brooklyn Brewery Co-Founder's War Correspondent Days Helped Him Succeed in Entrepreneurship

Brooklyn Brewery's co-founder, Steve Hindy, took an "unconventional path to entrepreneurship," one that started in Beirut as a war correspondent for t... Read more »

Needing Troops, Army Offers Up To $90K Bonuses To Re-Enlist

"Struggling to expand its ranks, the Army will triple the amount of bonuses it's paying this year to more than $380 million, including new incentives... Read more »

Making Sure Military Kids Get Bedtime Stories When Mom and Dad are Deployed

United Through Reading, a national nonprofit, is on a mission to connect deployed U.S. soldiers to their children by "facilitating the bonding experie... Read more »

CBS Radio Launches 'Connecting Vets' Program

"CBS RADIO has launched the new 'Connecting Vets Everyday,' a national, multi-media resource linking military veterans and their families to relevant... Read more »

These 12 Remarkable Veterans Changed Business Forever

"Since World War II, military veterans have continuously innovated and created enduring businesses like no other group in America. Veterans created ho... Read more »

More Female Veterans Running for Political Offices

According to recent report from NBC News, more and more female veterans are beginning to make "runs at local state, and federal political offices." Al... Read more »

Rejected shelter dog receives service handler training

Stella, a 1-year-old labrador-retriever mix, was returned several times to an adoption center due to her high energy and rambunctious personality. How... Read more »

Farm helps struggling veterans heal

"The brotherhood of military veterans is often forged in the dirt and grime of battle. As some veterans struggle with their reintroduction into civili... Read more »

Research Shows How PTSD Can Trigger Growth In Veterans

"Some troops return from war only to face a new fight -- symptoms of PTSD. But everything that follows traumatic experiences isn't bad. In fact, resea... Read more »

10 veterans share their best advice for leaving the military and transitioning to civilian work

Knowing that the transition from the military to a civilian career can be challenging, it's important we understand the resources available to our ser... Read more »

Service Dog Featured in Virginia School Yearbook

"Students at a Virginia high school got a big surprise when they opened their yearbooks this year."

Andrew Schalk, a 16 year-old junior, suffers fr... Read more »

6 Practical Tools to Help Monitor Your Online Reputation

"Positive reviews and word of mouth marketing equate to trust, and most people flock to online sites to review a business or get the opinion of friend... Read more »

5-year-old packs 'hero bags' for veterans

Five-year-old Tyler Stallings works with his mom to compile "hero bags" filled with toiletries, snacks and water, for veterans who are either on the s... Read more »

How To Effectively Grow An Early Stage Business

"Every entrepreneur knows starting a business is very hard. However, what many entrepreneurs find is that growing a business is even harder."

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Stranger buys soldier's ticket so he can make it home in time

Since enlisting in the U.S. Army 8 months ago, 19-year-old Keaton Tilson hadn't been home since Christmas - so when he received approval to travel hom... Read more »

Vet-to-Vet Advice for Veterans Considering Transitioning from the Military to Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

In today's economy, entrepreneurship continues to grow as many have "turned from working for someone else to working from themselves." However, "many... Read more »

U.S. College Teaches Veterans to Heal Each Others' Mental Wounds

Founded in 2011, Williams James College is "the only U.S. psychology graduate school focused on training veterans as counselors." With nearly 19 milli... Read more »

Planting a Flag Garden Helped My Students Find the Meaning of Memorial Day

When you think about Memorial Day, what comes to mind? Be honest - the beginning of summer? BBQ's and parades? A long weekend? Unfortunately, many act... Read more »

Why We Don't Celebrate Memorial Day

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A 4-Step Guide to Realistically Pursuing Your Passion

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'Carry The Load' for Someone You Love This Memorial Day

"Six years ago, this national amnesia about what used to be called "Decoration Day" was too much for two battle-hardened Navy Seals, Stephen Holley an... Read more »

Your Career Needs Many Mentors, Not Just One

If mentors are as valuable to our careers as they're said to be, then why is it that not every one has one (or two, or three) - especially junior prof... Read more »

Ohio Air Force SGT. reunites with military dog after 3 years apart

For U.S. Air Force Sgt. Adam Wylie, "Emra" was so much more than just a service dog. The two trained and worked together from 2012 to 2014 while deplo... Read more »

Veterans dive with sharks to treat PTSD

There are many complementary and alternative medicine therapies emerging to help veterans better manage mental health problems after combat - but have... Read more »

3 Questions to Ask Yourself When You're Struggling to Prioritize

Your to-do list seems endless, yet continues to grow. But it's hard to make any progress when you don't even know where to begin. When everything on y... Read more »

Richard Overton, oldest living WWII combat veteran, turns 111

Richard Overton is the oldest living World War II veteran, turning 111 this month.

Born May 11, 1906 in Bastrop County, TX, Overton "served in the... Read more »

9 Lessons From The World's First Conference For Veteran Entrepreneurs

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'It changed my life': US veterans find new mission on Cayman's coral reefs

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The Veteran Job Search: Why It's Unique and How to Navigate It

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Five Brand-building Tips for Entrepreneurs

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New technology allows veterans to control prosthesis with their minds

For the first time since losing his leg in 2007 during his second deployment in Iraq, William Gadsby was able to bend his knee by simply thinking abou... Read more »

PetSmart Launches Fourth Annual Patriotic Service Offerings Benefitting Veterans' Service Dog Programs

In honor of National Military Appreciation Month this May, PetSmart, the nation's leading pet specialty retailer, is offering "a selection of patrioti... Read more »

Business Credit Building Tips For Veteran Entrepreneurs

We know veterans hold numerous character traits that make them both desirable and essential to the business world. Such traits are also what make vete... Read more »

Veterans Find Yoga Eases Chronic Pain

According to The Opioid Safety Initiative, a set of guidelines released by the VA in 2013, "opioids are not the best treatment for most types of chron... Read more »

Vietnam vet helps other veterans get access to dental care

Vietnam veteran Dennis Matthews recently launched a non-profit organization, New Smiles for Veterans, in an effort to help veterans get dental care.Kn... Read more »

What is a Landing Page? Best Practices & Tactics To Grow Your Business!

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"Strive for self care, it's ok to care of yourself first."

"If you want to create the life that you desire, you need to take responsibility for your life and do the things which are necessary to get you from w... Read more »

This Injured Veteran Regained His Passion Building an Electric Bike Business

After returning home from the Iraq war with a painful back injury, Chris Nolte, couldn't accept that he would no longer be able to follow his lifelong... Read more »

The Best Employers For Veterans

After service, making the transition to civilian life can be challenging. With many veterans focused on how they will support themselves and their fam... Read more »

The 'good cemeterian': Incredible story of the Florida man who spends his one day off cleaning veterans' tombstones

Andrew Lumish spends almost every Sunday traveling to cemeteries around Tampa, FL to clean and restore veterans' tombstones.

Lumish, a self-proclai... Read more »

How Military Veterans Are Becoming 'Athletes Of Valor' As Entrepreneurs

Athletes of Valor, an organization founded by a group of military veterans and former collegiate athletes, is changing the future of many veterans. "A... Read more »

Cats Are The Unsung Heroes Of Mental Health

Although the mental health benefits provided by animals comes as no surprise, it seems dogs often get all the attention. But what about cats? Has the... Read more »

New research on brain waves helps diagnose PTSD, TBI

"Veterans suffering from symptoms such as irritability, restlessness, hypersensitivity to stimulation, memory loss, fatigue and dizziness are often di... Read more »

Disabled Horse Becomes Artist and Creates Abstract Paintings to Help Disabled Veterans

After Tuck, a 22-year-old retired quarter show horse, was no longer able to compete due to degenerative ligaments in his hind legs, his caretaker Nanc... Read more »

Business Plans: A Step-by-Step Guide

"A business plan is a written description of your business's future, a document that tells what you plan to do and how you plan to do it." They are "i... Read more »

We did it! We now have a ranch facility

Ranch Facility Update

Veteran Rescue purchased 40.91 acres in Chestnut Oak Ridge, Mount Vernon, Kentucky today. We will have to build a home, cabin... Read more »

Aromatherapy Can Help PTSD

Although everyone handles and processes a traumatic event differently, "it is estimated that among veterans, the rate of PTSD is somewhere between 14... Read more »

Where Are All the Missing Veteran-Owned Businesses?

No one said entrepreneurship was easy, but for veterans, it's becoming a path fewer are deciding to embark upon. With fewer veteran-owned businesses c... Read more »

VA Resources Designed for At-risk or Homeless Women Veterans

With the number of women serving in the military continuing to increase, female Veterans have become the fastest growing demographic in America's home... Read more »

The Startup Founder's Guide to Analytics

As a startup founder, it's critical to not only identify, but also generate the right data you need to impact your company.

"This post is about how... Read more »

Healing veterans with PTSD through laughter

Sam Pressler turned to sketch comedy as a means to cope with the trauma of losing of a close family member to suicide. Years later, he learned that th... Read more »

The Secret To Pitching

Entering the world of entrepreneurship can be challenging. Sure you have a great idea, but how can you be successful in convincing others to see your... Read more »

U.S. Navy Redesigns Submarines to Accommodate Women

Every submarine in the U.S. fleet was originally designed with the height, reach and strength of men in mind. But that's about to change.

With roug... Read more »

Volunteers Build Retreat for Veterans with PTSD

Hundreds of Comcast employees and their families gathered last Saturday to build a garden and help transform a former campground into a retreat for co... Read more »

The Best Careers for Veterans

Planning a civilian career after service can be challenging. Unclear career paths and available employment options are often what holds veterans back.... Read more »

Starbucks continues to provide jobs to American veterans

Last week, Starbucks unveiled four new "Military Family Stores" as part of its initiative to employ 25,000 veterans and military spouses by 2025. The... Read more »

Using Horses To Help Veterans With PTSD

After retiring from the National Guard and returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan, Tim Brewer, continued to struggle with PTSD. Unable to "turn off"... Read more »

Surfing Dog Helps Veterans and Children Heal

When Ricochet was born, she was trained to be a service dog. But as time went on, her owner realized that she had too much energy to be a successful a... Read more »

Optimizing the SaaS Funnel from Top to Bottom

Identifying the right growth formula for your business is tricky because there are so many variables to nail down. What's your average deal size? How... Read more »

Veteran walks across US to raise suicide awareness

Army veteran Ernesto Rodriguez completed a 2,200-mile walk across the United States in an effort to draw attention to suicides among military veterans... Read more »

10 Essential Truths That Will Change Your Life & Business

It's surprisingly easy to lose sight of the important things in life. Busy schedules and regular routines tend to put our brains on autopilot.

Howe... Read more »

Veterans can now access VA center wait times online

The Department of Veterans Affairs is increasing transparency by launching a new online tool for veterans to get information on wait times and quality... Read more »

Healing Disabled Veterans Through Scuba Diving

With a mission to build confidence and self-esteem in veterans with disabilities, a California-based nonprofit, Dive Warriors, is turning to the heali... Read more »

5 Key Financing Options for Veteran Entrepreneurs

If you were to ask a group of successful entrepreneurs what it takes to be successful, they are likely to answer with a personality trait such as "det... Read more »

The Best Places for Veterans to Find Business Funding

The brave men and women in our country's military learn valuable skills from their service, ranging from self-motivation and logistics to discipline,... Read more »

Being deaf and blind won't prevent this pup from becoming a therapy dog

One night Erin Baxter was up late browsing Facebook when she came across a news story about a local animal shelter that had taken in three deaf and bl... Read more »

The World's First All-Female Special Forces Unit

More than a year after the U.S. Department of Defense repealed a longtime ban on women serving in ground combat assignments, relatively few have been... Read more »

Pets Play Major Role in Reducing Behavioral Issues Amongst Kids

Pets and bullying are two topics people don't often think to put together, but the fact is, pets can help play a major role in reducing bullying and b... Read more »

Low-cost ideas for using video in your content marketing

Video is an essential tool to have in your content marketing toolbox. Just look at these statistics:

- Including a video on a landing page can incr... Read more »

Wounded Marine finishes Boston Marathon waving American flag

On Monday, Staff Sgt. Jose Sanchez ran in the Boston Marathon, as a true inspiration to all.

In 2011, Sanchez lost the lower part of his leg after... Read more »

Veterans Treatment Courts continues to expand and evolve

During his time on the bench overseeing Buffalo, NY's drug treatment court and the city's mental health treatment court, Judge Robert Russell began to... Read more »

A Small-Business Guide to Facebook Advertising

As a small business, you don't need to spend loads of money on advertising. There are plenty of free or low-cost tools that you can use to effectively... Read more »

Combat boots used to raise awareness of veteran suicide epidemic

Operation: 23 to Zero, a Minnesota based non-profit started by local veterans, raised awareness of the veteran suicide epidemic by placing combat boot... Read more »

Don't pay to apply for veterans benefits

It can be difficult navigating the government bureaucracy to obtain veterans disability and other benefits, but all are free to apply and there are pr... Read more »

Tiny-home project geared towards veterans

Arkansas Veterans Village, a nonprofit organization, is working to bring the tiny-home trend to local veterans by creating an assembly of tiny houses... Read more »

11 Steve Jobs quotes that will motivate you to change the world

The Apple founder left a huge mark on the world, and without his brains, vision and attitude, it would be a different place.

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Prison dogs and inmates are changing veterans' lives

Nonprofit organization, America's VetDogs (AVD), is working with inmates across the country to help train service animals for wounded military veteran... Read more »

5 ways veterans can turn military skills into entrepreneurial success

About 200,000 people transition out of military service annually, and according to the Institute for Veterans and Military Families, close to half fin... Read more »

How rescued birds are helping veterans heal

Many veterans are now turning to birds as therapy or emotional support animals thanks to Parrots for Patriots, a program that pairs abandoned birds wi... Read more »

Want to be happy and successful? Try compassion

Looking for a way to be happier? Are you seeking deeper connections with friends or looking for more friends? Want to relate better to your co-workers... Read more »

Disabled Army veteran and illegal immigrant tells his story of having to hide in the US

David (his last name withheld for his protection, served voluntarily in Vietnam for the US. He was, however also in the US illegally. His family moved... Read more »

A connection between PTSD and Combat Blast Exposure

There has been some amazing evidence that exposure to blast waves from IEDs to gunfire to other artillery rounds injure the brain in ways that are not... Read more »

Can a blood test reveal PTSD in Veterans?

Researchers at the University of North Carolina are decoding blood samples taken from recent trauma victims at civilian emergency rooms. They're seque... Read more »

One Veteran's story of finding his passion after transition

It can be hard to find meaning after you serve in the military. Finding a new passion and purpose is one of the main ways to bounce back from PTSD.... Read more »

How to Grow Your Startup on a $0 Marketing Budget

Metrics that impress investors and other founders don't matter. You need to focus on the metrics that actually help you run your business and make sur... Read more »

The stigma that stops Veterans from seeking help

What discourages veterans from seeking treatment for post-traumatic stress? PBS offers a series called War on the Brain  to begin to answer that.

S... Read more »

Opioid abuse leads to higher suicide rates in Veterans

There is an opiate abuse problem in our country right now, but it's hitting our Veterans harder than it is civilians. And a new study is proving it.... Read more »

Giving women in the military better access to healthcare

Women Veterans often feel like they don't belong either in the military or out of the military in VA medical Centers.

Army reserve and combat Veter... Read more »

A non-tech entrepreneur gives you his process for launching a product, asap

You have ideas and feel entrepreneurship is your calling but you have no techie side at all. What do you do? Simple. Follow startup wild man Ben Tosse... Read more »

Sample resume for a Service member transitioning to civilian workforce

Coming home once leaving Service can be tough for many. Here's a sample resume for a Marine seeking a civilian job in law enforcement.

Click the SO... Read more »

American Humane Society rolls out new program to train service dogs for Veterans

The country's first national humane organization announced plans to build a center for training shelter dogs for service to Veterans with PTSD and oth... Read more »

VIDEOS: Four Veterans tell their PTSD story.

PBS recently interviewed four military Veterans capturing their individual stories of struggle with Post Traumatic Stress. This fascinating look at ho... Read more »

Two suicide attempts later, this Veteran walks his way to recovery

Many American's have no idea that we lose 20+ Veterans to suicide every day. And after his own struggles, Ernesto Rodriguez is stepping up.

He is w... Read more »

Veterans, here are your best bets for colleges in 2017

Looking for a college that truly supports you as a Veteran? These schools go out of their way to help. The Military Times sent out a 150-question surv... Read more »

GI Bill processing delays affect 11,000+

Many Veterans take advantage of the GI Bill to pursue their education after they leave military service. However, you can't pay your tuition bills if... Read more »

GI Bill processing delays affect 11,000+

Many Veterans take advantage of the GI Bill to pursue their education after they leave military service. However, you can't pay your tuition bills if... Read more »

Veterans of Foreign War survey says: Fix the VA instead of outsourcing healthcare

An overwhelming number of Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) members prefer fixing Veterans Affairs medical services to establishing a new private-care ba... Read more »

Former female Service member captures photos in her "Women of the U.S. Military" project

Female warriors are often under-represented in the stories and fanfare of celebrating those who serve and have served in the military.

After 12 yea... Read more »

Counterintuitive ways to drive leads and sales

Rather than focusing on short-term tactics, a leader at a successful startup took a long-term approach that increased leads and close rate by as much... Read more »

More than a quarter of calls to the VA crisis line go to backup lines

Ongoing problems at the VA call center cause more than 1/4 of all calls to be redirected to other emergency response services call centers.

Those b... Read more »

Top 10 online bookclubs for entrepreneurs

Wait, before you roll your eyes, online bookclubs for entrepreneurs really can have a huge impact on your success.

Online book clubs encourage read... Read more »

How to Design a Sticky Product Experience

Real product stickiness means that you don't have to bug users for their attention. They come back to you on their own. Feature bloat is the enemy of... Read more »

High school students make mini-documentaries about military Veterans

Students at a Corona Del Mar High in California come together with servicemen and servicewomen to tell the Veterans' stories in mini, documentary-like... Read more »

Indiana Veterans hoping healing brain injury treatment will be covered by insurance

Traumatic brain Injury is a serious injury that's hard to diagnose but even harder to treat. However there is an alternative treatment called HBOT (Hy... Read more »

9 things that cause good employees to quit

If you're a business owner, you know that your employees are your assets. Understanding how to keep them productive and happy, matters. Few things are... Read more »

Veterans speak out against cutting National Arts budget

Recently funding cuts have been proposed for the National Endowment for the Arts. Those cuts would negatively affect Veterans who are prescribed art t... Read more »

Senators in Maine rally for free national park access for wounded Veterans

The Wounded Veterans Recreation Act aims to give any military Veteran with a service-connected disability a free, all-access park pass to any National... Read more »

Government of Canada details enhanced support for Veterans and their families

The Canadian government is rolling out a comprehensive package that will recognize the important role of caregivers, help more families, support mental health and pay for the education and training Veterans need to find the work they want in their po... Read more »

Veteran with Post Traumatic Stress killed by police, family sues

On March 9, 2015, a police officer responded to reports of a suspicious person knocking on doors and crawling on the ground at an apartment complex ju... Read more »

Does a Product Manager at a High Growth Technology Startup Need To Be Technical?

Mike Belsito of Product Collective researches whether high-growth technology startups value technical backgrounds when hiring Product Managers.

Do... Read more »

Homeless Veteran "camp" forced off State property in Arizona

The Arizona DOT recently forced a homeless veterans' camp to relocate since the camp was on state-owned property.

Jeff Kagan, Veterans on Patrol re... Read more »

Suicide toll reveals how system failed Canada's soldiers and veterans

At least 70 soldiers and vets died by suicide after serving on the Afghanistan mission - a growing cohort excluded from official accounts. Dozens of f... Read more »

Raising seed funding: What you need to know

Seed funding, while often is gathered from family and friends, can also be raised from investors who buy into your idea and your plan. These insights... Read more »

One Veteran uses photography to manage his Post Traumatic Stress

Michael McCoy did two tours in Iraq. He also experienced a stay at Walter Reed Army Hospital. Until that moment, photography had been a hobby of sorts... Read more »

New budget aims to give veterans better access to education, job market and health care

With the release of the 2017 federal budget, the deputy minister of Veteran Affairs is looking forward to implementing measures to better take care of... Read more »

The Only Thing You Need to Get Good At

You should be dedicated to your company, but you should never get attached.

Too many founders are on an emotional rollercoaster with their companie... Read more »

Navy Veteran takes his own life right before a fundraising event to help Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress

A benefit in Kansas City to take place March 24th, 2017, was not cancelled even though one of the organizers, Veteran Ben Kelley, tragically took his... Read more »

Starbuck's plans to hire 15,000 more military Veterans and spouses by 2025

Already hitting their goal of hiring 10,000 Veterans that was set in 2013, Starbuck's now plans to hire 15,000 moreVeterans and military spouses by 20... Read more »

Are social ventures right for venture capital?

As a social mission entrepreneur you might be asking yourself: Should I be funding from impact investors or venture capitalists?

And while many VCs... Read more »

Another consequence of 15 years of war? Child abuse on the rise in military families.

The Pentagon has struggled to deal with a little-noticed cascade of child abuse and neglect cases in military families in the years since America went... Read more »

First double-amputee police officer sworn in--and he's a military Veteran.

Lance Cpl. Matias Ferreira was leading a mission in Afghanistan. A machine gunner, he jumped from a rooftop to get some supplies. However what he didn... Read more »

There might soon be legislation against pretending your pet is a service animal in Massachusetts

Hard to believe but there are many people who go online and order a service dog/animal ID kit even though their pet is not needed for any disability.... Read more »

Neurologist has proof Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) works for Veterans with traumatic brain injury.

U.S. Army veteran Chris Liby says hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) saved his life after surviving an IED explosion while he was deployed to the Middle... Read more »

INSPIRATION: Little girl rescued by Air Force veteran in 2005 asks her "hero" to JROTC ball 12 years later

You never forget kindness. Especially when it also saves your young life. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast and killed nearly 2000... Read more »

Why most Venture-backed companies fail

According to Harvard Business School's Shikar Ghosh, 75% of startups never return cash to investors and 40% end up losing all of investors' money.... Read more »

How to write a business plan. (Easy steps to success)

Step 1. You have to write a solid business plan to even think about starting and running a successful business.

The plan becomes a living document... Read more »

How To Make Sure Your Fundraising Pitches Land

The prospect of big investor backing is exciting and glamorous. But beneath that shiny veneer are steep expectations that most startups aren't prepare... Read more »

Can Virtual Reality help Veterans with trauma?

Virtual Reality (VR) isn't just for gamers any more.

Dr. Skip Rizzo directs the Medical Virtual Reality Lab at the University of Southern Californi... Read more »

Dying father of Veteran who took his life makes last effort to raise awareness with 600 flags

Howard Berry is dying of cancer. He's stopped all treatment. His life seems less important after he lost his son, U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Joshua Berry, t... Read more »

Veteran goes from living in car to graduating from college

Zack Cleghorn came back from deployment four years ago and transitioned to civilian life. He tried to hold a job but he suffered with depression and P... Read more »